Safety Syringe


Retractable Safety Syringe is the first single-hand, manual retractable safety syringe of its kind created in an innovative design to prevent and minimize endless nightmare to most healthcare practitioners. This Retractable Safety Syringe, unlike other safety syringes, has no additional parts. It looks exactly the same as conventional syringes, hence when it comes to operation it is almost exactly like a conventional syringe. Its unique one-handed operation can be attributed to the patented hexagonal (round-shape) design of the barrel grip, which allows nurses to perform the needle retraction with one hand. This can dramatically reduce needlestick injury.

There is no unlock nor twist, simply go as usual as performing regular injection to patient. Its light hub engagement force ensured patients comfort and avoid a secondary hard push. The snap-off of the plunger has made the syringe from being reused or recycled. The needle cap can close the barrel opening to prevent the remained contagious fluid from leakage.